Welcome to The Bridge - The film the Church of Scientology wanted to disappear!

Written & Directed by Brett Hanover
Assistant Director: Adam Craycroft

Produced by
Raymond Hill ... Executive Producer
Danette Almond ... Associate Producer
Matthew Funk ... Associate Producer
Tom Padgett ... Associate Producer

Film Editing by Brett Hanover

Technical Consultants & Advisors:
Arnaldo Lerma
Tom Padgett
Andreas Heldal-Lund
Mark Bunker
Creed Pearson

E-Meter provided by Arnaldo Lerma

Clear bracelet¾provided by
Kevin Creech
Martha Greene

Scientology footage provided by
CARREQ (& other on-line wogs)

Office of Special Affairs
Amber O'Daniels

Cake design by Eileen Townsend

Cameras provided by
Ben Siler
Alanna Stewart
Eileen Townsend
Danny Becker

Still photography by Nathan Berry

Microphones provided by Nolon's Inc.

Additional equipment provided by Memphis Digital Arts Co-Operative

The Madison Hotel (Brandy Meeks)
First Congregational Church (Julia Hicks)
Memphis Digital Arts Co-Operative
Temple Israel
Residences of
   Don & Ann Bowsher
   Kelly Bromer
   Brad Hanover

Special thanks to
Parkway House Apartments (Mary Stewart & Bill Malone)
Bojo's Antique Mall
Steve Womack
Sharon O'Guin
The Frame Corner
The Mail Center
The OCMB Community

The film was produced and directed by Brett Hanover, a native of Memphis, Tennessee. At the time of the film's release,
Hanover was an 18-year old student. His studies in college focused on film. Former Scientologists were involved in the
production of the film, in addition to critics of Scientology associated with Operation Clambake. Hanover noted the film
was an original script which he wrote along with his assistant director. They wrote the script prior to eliciting input
from others. Prominent critics of Scientology later assisted with funding, input, and acting roles in the film. The film
production took place in Tennessee. Hanover filmed The Bridge over a total period of six days, for a production budget of
only $600.00.

The Bridge premiered at the Operation Clambake's (http://www.xenu.net) 10-year anniversary in Stavanger, Norway on Septem-
ber 2, 2006. Operation Clambake stated of the premiere, "We are especially excited for the movie 'The Bridge' ... The world
premiere in Stavanger is a great honor". It was shown at the 9th annual Indie Memphis Film Festival in October 2006, as a
feature presentation.

Hanover released copies of the film in 2006, to Google Video and Internet Archive. The film credits stated: "'The Bridge' is
licensed as royalty-free digital media, and may be distributed online for personal viewing without permission. All offline
distribution rights are reserved by Brett Hanover."

Jeannette Walls reported in an MSNBC entertainment column that the film had been removed from the Internet. MSNBC quoted
journalist and scientology critic Mark Bunker, who stated, "It appears that Scientology has hired investigators to dig up dirt
on Brett Hanover to shudder him into silence. They have succeeded." In a case study on fair use, Jackson West of NewTeeVee cited
the removal of the film from the Internet as an example of "a worst-case scenario of inappropriate behavior by a wealthy
rightsholder toward work critical of that rightsholder".

A few weeks after the film's release to the Internet, Hanover requested its removal, stating on his website, "due to copyright
issues, I ask that this film be withdrawn from circulation ... Do not contact me concerning this film, I am no longer supporting
it." This statement itself by Hanover and all references to the film were subsequently removed from his website. The Internet
Archive removed the film from its site, stating there were rights issues involved. YouTube and Google also removed copies of
the film from their websites, but the film has since been reposted by other users, and has not been removed again.

Cory Doctorow reviewed the film for Boing Boing, and commented, "It's not a bad movie ć it moves a little slow, some of the
dialog is stilted, but not bad for an indie feature shot in five days, and the information about the Church jibes with my own
research into its practices." Chris Davis of Memphis Flyer wrote, "This locally produced feature directed by Brett Hanover uses
materials created by the Church of Scientology and stories told by former members of L. Ron Hubbard's controversial sci-fi re-
ligion to build a tragic narrative about misplaced faith and insidious fraud. Scientologists will hate it. People who hate
Scientologists won't like it nearly as much as the Tom Cruise episode of South Park." The Commercial Appeal characterized the
film as a "fact-based dramatization of life inside the Church of Scientology".

Journalist and Scientology critic Mark Bunker observed, "It took a lot of courage to make the movie and a lot of talent to make
it a good movie." Allmovie classified the production as a feature film "Religious Drama", involving themes of "Cons and Scams".
Jackson West of NewTeeVee commented, "the production value is minimal and the structure episodic, making for a somewhat wooden
narrative. But the premise and script were helped by efforts from former Scientologists and anti-cultists to craft an allegorical
critique of the Church of Scientology." American skeptic and activist freethinker, Jim Lippard, recommended the film stating,
"Watch it! it's pretty well done."

All Scientology materials used in the film, including but not limited to terms, graphics, props, and select audio and video clips
are registered trademarks owned by the Religious Technology Center and/or its affiliate organizations. Unless otherwise noted,
copyrighted material is included according to FAIR USE. This film is not endorsed by the Church of Scientology International or
its affiliate organizations.

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